Thursday, February 19, 2015

Covington Mardi Gras with Krewe de Sawyer!

It's been a whirlwind few weeks! My mom came to visit for a few days and we did Covington Mardi Gras w/ Krewe de Sawyer. Our friends Brock & Cynthia seriously go ALL out for this day! Set up amazing food & drinks and we just camp out there for the day. We are so grateful for them & their never ending sweet southern hospitality!

Cynthia made the funniest/cutest signs that were all over the tent! This was our fave!
Just a typical day in Louisiana - climbing trees to get beads from previous parades!
The GORGEOUS ladders Cynthia made for all the kids to sit in during the parade
(she hand paints all of them!)
Cynthia & I - it was her birthday too! 
Cynthia's sweet niece Julia - such an adorable little girl!

Enjoying the gorgeous weather playing some football while waiting for the parade to start!

My handsome husband & Brock catching up (Brock's been rotating so these besties don't
see each other as often)!
Typical pre-parade game!
Cynthia literally THOUGHT of everything - GLOVES so no one would have to
reach into the super cold cooler to grab a drink!
Jacob, Brock & their sweet work friend Mr. Joe - him and his wife are the best!
Feather boa's, light up toys, hats, masks, galore!

Ashley, Mallory & I - notice Mallory's adorable bead shirt!
Love this sweet sweet girl!
Mallory was winning hearts with her cuteness all night!
Brock surprised Cynthia with a birthday cupcake & we all sang to her!

Cynthia made some killer jello shots! Even Momma loved them! 

Our new friends - Sid & Kelly...such fun people!

And we're off!
Cynthia has the best hats!

Jacob & Chloe - they were quite the dynamic duo catching throws!

Budweiser horses, so gorgeous and majestic looking!

One of my favorite pictures - Chloe had just been sitting there like a grumpus
with her fingers in her ears because it was too loud! his stride!

Mallory's face in this picture is the BEST!
These two are too much!

Our friends Zane & Madeline joined us!

So grateful that my mom still lives close enough to come visit for a weekend! It was so awesome getting to share Covington Mardi Gras with her - it was hilarious she just kept saying, "I didn't know Northshore Mardi Gras could be so fun!" Crazy Southshore lady!

We love that we're getting to experience Mardi Gras in the place where it all began...more Mardi Gras pictures to come!


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