Saturday, February 21, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015!

This past weekend Jacob took me out for drinks at the Southern Hotel (which is ADORABLE btw) and then had an incredible Valentine's Day (my first one not rotating!) It was so special finally getting to spend Valentine's Day with my forever Valentine!

So Jacob & I do Valentine's Day a little bit different than most couples in that years ago we decided that we should switch off who plans Valentine's Day! So this was my year to plan so we got up - I made his favorite breakfast (orange [from a can of course] cinnamon rolls, had mimosas, and romantically (and cornyish-ly - yes that's a word) talked about all the things we love about each other! Then we rode bikes to the back of our neighborhood to this cute little park, sat under the gazebo and had a picnic! We drank champagne and played Gin like the fancy couple that we are! Ha! So that evening we did this amazing little meal from Fresh Market with delicious steaks, potatoes, asparagus, chocolate covered strawberries & an incredible bottle of Cakebread we had been saving since we went there this past May!

Look at that sweet hair! So lucky to wake up next to this stud every morning!  
Thank you Pinterest for this idea! Mine of course did not turn out as pretty as theirs!

Also - in between our cute little breakfast and picnic we played with our sweet puppies for a little while so they felt loved on this Valentine's Day! Pictures are 100 percent typical of their adorable little personalities. Raider is all in for playing in the beginning, then he bows out - Reagan doesn't accept that  so she continues to bother him and he ends up hiding (i.e; between Jacob's legs) while she runs around like crazy. We love their little quirks!

If I had a dollar for every picture I have of Jacob doing that face...

Since we don't have a live in photographer - the tripod and timer on my camera was the best we could do for a Valentine's Day dinner photo!  

Jacob did so incredible on the steaks, grilled to perfection!


Such a perfect day!


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