Saturday, January 10, 2015

Wedding, Christmas & Passion...oh my!

Wow what a whirlwind month it has been! We left Covington early on the 17th and didn't get back to Louisiana until late the 1st of 2015! Then made a quick trip to Atlanta for Passion (most incredible experience ever BTW) and then back that Sunday...and work on Monday!

It was a month of much needed relaxation, time with Jacob and family & then spiritual revival at Passion. 

So glad to be home and getting back into a routine though...we missed our home here and definitely our church family! Looking forward to an incredible's to living undaunted!

Raider on his "perch" while driving to Texas! He loves car trips!

Girls @ Julia's bachelorette party on the Riverwalk...with our delicious fishbowl! 

Sisters! Such an incredible group of look how sparkly we are!
Without any pre-coordination!

Last shot of the night...bomb pops! 

At the reception...Jacob & Caleb being cray cray of course!

Jacob & I with the bride and groom! 

Christine, Ashley & I at the reception...had so much fun with
these awesome ladies that night!

Bride & Groom with their adorbs "Mr. & Mrs." signs!

Chloe & unk being silly after Chloe "won" the bouquet toss!
Jacob & I at the gorgeous out there!
Mallory & this sweet girl so much!

Jacob being tractor man! Doesn't he look so handsome??

Jacob & Nolen chopping wood for us to bring back to Covington!

Curt & Chloe each got a REAL life roller coaster for Christmas
so that was entertaining for ALL of us! 

Rosalie loved going down too!

Jacob & the puppies had more fun playing in the box
that the roller coaster came in. 

Look ma no hands!! Chloe is a master at it!

Jacob & I went hunting and within the first 20 minutes he had
shot a hog! That's my kind of hunting! Note - our success was not as timely
the next time we went!

Mallory admiring our HUGE and beautiful cedar tree
that we all played a part in chopping down!

Merry Ranch Christmas!

Raider and I attempting to take selfies...but he just likes to growl at the cows!

Chloe & unk riding back from Christmas tree decorating on
the low-boy trailer!

Papi's Christmas present from Ms. Zane...25 year McCallan!
Boys are spoiled now!

Nolen reading the letter that Santa left for Chloe
about her swing set that was waiting for her at home
in Covington!

My awesome Christmas present! A wakeboard! Not pictured - the
adorable wakeboard carrying bag with my name
embroidered in pink!

J & I before Christmas dinner!

Jacob & his jackrabbit that he shot at the farm...with the 22 I gave him!

Jacob & I our first night at Hyatt Lost amazing there!

On our huge hike the next day...a 205 year old pecan tree! 

My massive jumping picture the most gorgeous overlook
in McKinney Roughs state park.

Us with the "little sebastians" they had on the property!

My stud of a husband at breakfast on NYE morning. He
always finds the best local breakfast places! This one - Maxine's on Main!

My INCREDIBLE apple cinnamon pancakes! HUGE!

Our mini champagne bottles and glasses that momma got us
to help ring in the new year!

Us after watching an incredible fireworks show at the hotel!
It was basically negative degrees outside but loved
cuddling with this stud!

Switch gears again - us the first night at much joy!

The Jesus Generation!

So many incredible speeches and music!

Words cannot express how our hearts were changed at Passion but I'm so grateful for the incredible college group we went with and I'll never forget my experience there. I'm so glad I was able to share it with Jacob because I don't think I'd ever be able to explain these moments to him!

2015 is off to an incredible start, I can't wait to see what God has in store for us!



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