Tuesday, November 11, 2014

31 days of happiness - day 14

Day 14

So only 11 days left until Jacob lets me decorate for Christmas!! And I know this is slightly killing him inside to decorate before Thanksgiving but since we will be traveling so much for the holidays he's making an exception! Yippee!!

The question of the season - what do you get for the person who says "Oh I don't need anything!" Cough JACOB WEAVER cough. 

He's pretty fun to shop for though because he is always so surprised since he never gives me any ideas! 

1. eBags packing cubes - These things are seriously AMAZING! They have a set of pink ones that I want for myself! 
2. Prepara Ice Ball Molds - Such a great stocking stuffer!
3. Official NFL size Wilson Football - Holding onto this has now become Jacob's "only weird if it doesn't work" tradition watching Texas Tech play. 
4. I'm Good with Math Mug - Funny because Jacob is an impeccable speller & math wizardddd.
5. J.W. Hulme Briefcase - This is a SPLURGE but so so worth it. It's such a classic look & will hold up for years to come. 
6. Under Armour Cold Gear Gloves - Could've used these last year in New York!
7. Under Armour Camo Beanie - Because my sweet hubby loves him some camo...and he looks so cute in it!
8. The 21 Indispensable Qualities of A Leader by John Maxwell 
9. Kobalt 2-Piece Magnum Grip Pliers - Or if you don't know what kind of tools he needs a Lowe's gift card works too! 
10. Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bar - Jacob's fave! Perfect stocking stuffer!

Happy Christmas shopping!!


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