Friday, November 7, 2014

31 days of happiness - day 13

Day 13

So today is FRIDAY! Almost weekend time! Also in other INCREDIBLE news...Taylor Swift's new album 1989 is amazingggggg. That girl just can't stop won't stop! 

Another update - last week I wrote a post about the keto diet. I lost about 8 lbs on it but I have to tell ya'll a little made me feel so BLAH. Not energy wise I had a ton of energy but I just hated that I couldn't eat whatever fruits & vegetables I wanted!

I bought the Tone It Up nutrition plan a few months ago so that's what I'll be doing. Those girls are seriously so amazing and encouraging! I'm still sticking with P90X (even though I'm walking like a had a stroke this week I'm so sore!) I'm enjoying doing it with my live in Tony Horton. He's quite encouraging himself even though loves to take post workout selfies with me while I'm laying on the floor dyingggggg. 

I won't spill any Tone It Up nutrition plan secrets except it's an incredible, clean, lean way of eating. Plus they just released their Frisky Fall edition & it has so many delish yummy fall recipes!

Y'all have a great weekend I'll be writing an exciting post about our weekend soon!


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