Friday, February 14, 2014

Let me tell you a little about MY valentine...

Jacob Gregg Weaver 

Born on September 13, 1988 to two amazing parents; Richard & Zane Weaver 

Born and (semi) raised a southern boy, who will make your heart melt with his handsome smile (and 1 dimple)

He graduated from Texas Tech with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering - Magna Cum Laude with honors. (so he's smoking hot & SMART!)

He works as a fancy pants Deepwater Facilities Engineer. 

He's a P90X grad & working on round 2 right now (getting bicepier by the day!)

He is the sweetest uncle I've ever seen. The way he loves on Chloe, Mallory, Curt & Rosalie just makes me so warm and fuzzy inside...also makes my ovaries ache for baby Jacob & Amanda's! 

He is the SWEETEST, most patient, loving dad to our crazy puppies, even when beautiful Reagan "practices" her barking throughout the night. 

He loves to be the best at every single thing he about the epitome of go big or go home - this determined man is all or nothing. 

He loves to be outside. Grilling, hunting, playing silly ridiculous games with his brothers, or on the boat, if this boy is outside - he's in bliss. 

He makes me feel SO special. Every. Single. Day. He tells me I'm beautiful when I'm not...and continues telling me even when I disagree. He grabs me randomly & kisses me in a way that makes me forget what I was thinking about or doing. & even cuter - he is like a sweet excited puppy every time I see him. 

He makes me adorable turkey bacon, egg white, & cutie breakfast on Saturday's and Sunday's when we're home together. 

He loves to tickle me and SECRETLY loves it when I tickle him & acts like I'm truly stronger than him and can sit on him to *disarm* him. 

He is the cutest person to go on roadtrips with, he doesn't get sassy when my 3-year old size bladder can't hold it any more & even gets me cute snacks at every gas station. 

On the day of our wedding, he literally shed blood & sweat (while I was shedding tears) to get everything perfect for our special day. He set up tents, dance floors, chairs and our altar all with a smile on his face and love in his heart. 

He is passionate about helping others and is one of the most accepting men I've ever known. 
He's an old-fashioned gentleman & basically the perfect all-american boy *swoon I know*

He doesn't love to explore or do artsy things but he does them with me. 

He doesn't love wine but he's taking me to Napa for our two year anniversary. 

He does love to study the Bible and constantly put on his armor of God every day which makes him even more handsome. 

He loves to make others feel welcome and share God's love with all those that meet him. He has such a kind, selfless, giving heart and I cannot even fathom a better man for me to share my life with.

He is my better half, my best friend & the one I dream with. We've only been married 1-1/2 years but oh my goodness it has flown by! We started dating when we were freshman at Tech and since the day I met him he has always told me, no matter what - I'm on team Amanda and boy has he held that promise. Throughout all of this offshore, rotating craziness that man has stood by me, supported me, and even been the keeper of my countdown. 

Jacob Gregg, you are my valentine today & forever. I love the way you love me and the incredibly God-fearing man that you are. I wouldn't change one single thing about you and I can't wait for an eternity of Valentine's days to celebrate with you!

Forever & always my love, 



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