Friday, February 14, 2014

For my beautiful Valentine!!

Amanda Henderson Weaver

So I took over my amazing wife's blog to reply to her incredibly sweet Valentine's post from earlier today! It honestly made me smile so huge and I could feel her love from the rig while I stood in our living room in Covington! Now bear with me because I am definitely not a blogger or nearly as creative as my amazing wife! So I'm sure this is going to come off as an essay, because as Amanda says I have an engineering mind.

Amanda was born on May 8, 1989 (such a baby!) to Phil and Kim Henderson in New Orleans, LA.  The first time she stole my heart was when we were both in 8th grade in Rumbai, Indonesia back in 2002.  Now she'll tell the story differently making me out to be some sort of bad guy but I honestly had no idea that she liked me! I thought she liked one of the other 2 studs in our class! That's right, 4 people total.  Anyways we went on a cultural field trip in the spring and we finally started dating and it was pretty cute puppy love!

After that year, Amanda moved to Houston for high school and I headed to England.  We really didn't talk much throughout high school (because she was way too cool for me).  But our senior year we were friends on Myspace and somehow we were chatting and told each other we were going to Tech.  I'm sure I was super smooth about it and I got her digits.  Later that summer when I was in the LBK and Amanda told me she was coming in, I called her and left a voicemail because she never answers a number she doesn't know.  She called me back and we set up to meet for dinner and I went to pick her up and as soon as I saw her walking out of Horny Nappy I knew that I wanted to make her all mine.  The rest is a story for another post but basically I just wanted to point out that we met thousands of miles away and somehow we were put at the exact college at the exact time together where we could meet again, and I've never been more thankful that she didn't go to LSU!

So now to tell you a little bit about my amazing wife! Obviously she is incredibly creative and so passionate for life and it really is infectious! Her enthusiasm rubs off on me because I don't think there's anyone else in the world that could get me to do things or go to places that we have gone together.  Like couples massages or going to a wine festival while listening to jazz music or trying nasty cheeses or sushis or the hundreds of other things that I never would have done but I loved doing them because I was with her!

Amanda is such a hard worker it's incredible! She's one of the few women who work in the offshore oil & gas industry and she whips those guys into shape! To be honest I knew she was strong but I probably never would have guessed that she's work offshore 14/14 strong! Whenever she tells people what she does people are always like "but why isn't your husband the one going offshore? Isn't that what the man is supposed to do?" And there's no doubt that I would switch places with her in a heartbeat but I just have a boring office job and I have to live through Amanda and all the cool stuff that she gets to do and see!

So obviously as you can tell in the picture above, my wife is so gorgeous! Like drop dead gorgeous! Can you say southern belle?! Because that's exactly what she is! I mean look at those beautiful blue eyes! And that smile!! Oh and that's Raider with her in the picture! Obviously having the time of his life!

But besides the obvious Amanda also has the most caring heart I have ever seen! She is so kind and sweet and gentle to everyone she meets and she would give you her last dime if you asked for it! If she could find it in the bottom of her purse :p

And she is also very confused as to who the strong one is in the relationship! I lean on her for every single decision and she is always making me see a different side of things! She is my whole heart and my one and only!

I can honestly tell you that I wouldn't be half the man I am today without her by my side.  She completes me and makes me want to be better at everything because I know that she'll be cheering me on. Every day I can find something new that I love about her, and today it was that even from a couple hundred miles away she can still almost make me cry with her sweet words. 

Amanda is so sweet with our crazy dogs and so kind with our nieces and nephews and I know that one day she will be the most amazing mom.  I can already feel my wallet getting lighter with all the little Brooks Brothers boys clothes she'll buy and the tiny baby Lululemon yoga pants.  But in all seriousness even if we have nothing but the clothes on our backs I know that she will find a way to keep our children happy and make a home for them so watch out world! At some point in the future there are going to be some sassssssy little girls running around! (And I know I just made her ovaries hurt more by saying girlS - plural).

Words are not enough to tell you how much I love this woman.  All I know is that next Valentine's and every Valentines after that I will do whatever it takes to make sure that we're together and that it's special.  And no matter what we will have a candlelit dinner :) So even if it's in a 3rd world country or we're in the middle of the jungle I'll make sure to bring a candle with me while we eat our peanut butter jelly sandwiches!

You will never meet a person who is more passionate than Amanda - so get to know her and get caught up in it! Because just spending time with her will brighten your day and make you more optimistic about everything in your life!

I love you so much my beautiful bride and I hope this brings a smile to your face because you do have the most beautiful smile :) I can't wait to spend the rest of my Valentine's trying to make you happy!

Love, J


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