Friday, February 28, 2014

I am a Wife after God...It's a marathon not a sprint

Oh goodness where to begin? First off, my husband & I have been married only a little over 18 months so when I started this study - to be honest; I thought I was ahead of the curve. Thinking that my husband & I had a great relationship given the circumstances we were in & the random fights we had were normal. 

However, although our relationship appeared smooth sailing from the outside, there were things we both needed to deal with to be the Godly couple we were striving for - deep down I always knew something was missing, we weren't shining God's light in this world the way He calls us to. 

One embarrassing truth - It took me longer than 30 days to complete this devotional. Why? Because I had a really hard time talking to Jacob about the challenge questions and participating in the challenges Jennifer gives us at the end of each day. It was almost as if I was afraid if I talked to Jacob about the challenge questions, he would reveal to me all the ways I wasn't measuring up in our marriage or the flaws that I didn't want to see. The more I dove into God's word and His foundation for our marriage, the more and more I realized that we were EXTREMELY far behind the curve. Christ was not the center of our marriage no matter how much  I wanted to believe He I lay in bed reading day 8 of the devotional with tears streaming down my face - I realized God wasn't even the center of my life. I had put all my eggs in the Jacob basket and that night, with one argument - my basket had come tumbling to the ground. Even though he was laying there next to me, I felt empty & alone. How unfair for me to put him on the same playing field as my heavenly Father? I was setting our marriage up for failure. 

I wanted more than anything to be a Wife After God but until I put my priorities in line, I never would be. God 1st, Jacob 2nd, family 3rd. Unfortunately for most of our marriage I've had those first two switched around leaving Jacob with unrealistic expectations to meet. From that night forward, I've made a promise to God and myself that for the sake of my marriage I'll restore the order that God originally planned and work on putting him at the center of our marriage. Will it happen overnight? No. But with the power of prayer and Jennifer's devotional pushing me further and further out of my marriage "comfort zone" I know we can get there. I can with confidence say - I am a Wife After God. Do I have all the kinks worked out? Definitely not...but starting round 2 of her devotional with a hopeful, joy-filled heart will slowly but surely put me on the path of being the Godly wife and woman I want to be. 

My top 2 takeaways:

1. Stop comparing your marriage to the marriages of those around you - we're not called to be "ahead of the curve" we're called give others a glimpse into the unfailing, selfless love that Jesus has for us. 

2. One passage of scripture I had so many times looked over: Ephesians 5:21. "And further, submit to one another out of reverence for Christ." I have read Ephesians 5:22 numerous times but somehow skipped that crucial passage. It was like a light bulb came on for me when Jennifer pointed out that short, yet marriage-changing detail. No matter how your husband acts or what YOU think he deserves, Christ always deserves our submission. 

Ready for a change in your marriage? Think you're sitting pretty & just want to grow closer to God in your marriage? Feeling alone & empty? Then this is the devotional for you. You don't have to be ready or even aware of the changes that are coming just pick up devotional and start reading - God will open your eyes and prepare your for the rest. Click here to start your journey and buy her devotional. 

Wanting to learn a little bit more about Jennifer & her story?

I hope you'll take this leap of faith, open your eyes and heart, and let Jesus work in your heart the way He did mine. 


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