Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Plan your work...work your plan

I recently posted a picture of my half marathon adventure, well during that long long 13.1 miles I had a LOT of time to think about well...everything! So around mile 10 when EVERYTHING was hurting I decided...I don't want to be a runner, I just want to be healthy. So right then, right there I made a plan. 

After giving myself a little over a week to fully recover; today Jacob & I are starting drum roll pleaseeeeeee....P90X!

Jacob is a two time P90X grad and this will be my first time...our first time going at it together. So I'm sure many more result posts to follow but I just wanted to share my fitness/nutrition plans. 

So having said that - I'm still planning on running the Aramco half in January...so instead of doing the Saturday workout - I'll go for my long run to continue to prep for the half. 

Jacob will be following the P90X nutrition plan and I will be following the Ketosis diet...which in a nutshell - no carbs, high fat, moderate protein. This macros allows the body to more efficiently utilize fat for fuel instead of carbs which make us lethargic. 

I know sounds CRAZY...my entire life I've been molded to believe - FAT IS BAD. But there are a TON of studies around Ketosis diet that claim otherwise. 

I've just started yesterday so I'll keep ya'll posted on the results BUT here is what my typical Ketosis diet day looks like: 
4 pieces of bacon, special coffee – recipe found from Wellness Mama

Morning Snack:
1 Sargento pepper jack cheese stick, 1 Land-O-Lakes Colby jack cheese slice

This varies, but typically I’ll have a salad w/ grilled chicken & REAL ranch. None of that non-fat, low-fat stuff!

Afternoon Snack:
1 oz of Marconi almonds…or a half a cup of raspberries.

4 oz of meat (chicken, steak, pork, fish) broccoli (or any green vegetable) sautéed w/ olive oil & garlic

 If you want to read more information this is a GREAT site for people thinking about following the Ketosis diet.



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