Thursday, November 28, 2013

So much to be thankful for...

As this lovely, magical time of year comes around, there is so much buzz & excitement in the air! I'm offshore for Thanksgiving this year & it's been very easy for me to focus on being away from my family, my husband & all the excitement that I'm missing out on at home. However, I've come to realize that how lucky am I that I have wonderful, incredible, supportive people at home to miss? I look around and wonder how many people out here with me are "glad" they're not having to deal with family drama for Thanksgiving or even worse - have no one to spend the day with at home. 

So you may wonder; what am I grateful for this lovely Thanksgiving? Goodness gracious where to begin and where to end! 

For starters; I'm so thankful for the strength, love & hope that Jesus gives me every single day when I'm not strong enough on my own. I'm thankful that He has more grace than I have sin, I'm thankful that He loves me unconditionally and I'm thankful that He is in my life & in my heart. He has blessed Jacob & I with more than we could ever need and for that I am forever grateful. As Christians we are called to teach others about Jesus & His love and His mercy and I'm so incredibly thankful that in this crazy, scary world I'm never truly alone. 

Secondly, I'm so grateful for my sweet husband. My sweet, loving, compassionate, supportive, hard working, handsome husband who makes my world go round & round. Most husbands would've walked away from a wife who took a job to work offshore 1 month after being married...but not my husband. He has been strong for me on the days when I want to quit. He has been caring & compassionate enough to never say I told you so when he's been right about Oh so many things. He makes me feel beautiful & special and I truly cannot imagine facing this life without him. He is my strong tower and words will never be able to express how grateful I am for his love in my life. He is eager to explore the world & our love together & I hope that on this lovely Thanksgiving day he knows that I wouldn't trade him or our love for anything in this world. It breaks my heart and makes me feel so lucky all at once that so many people in the world will never know a love like the great one that we have. 

Lastly I  am so incredibly grateful for my supportive, loving, crazy, exciting, encouraging family & friends. They make life colorful & fill my heart with more joy than I could ever imagine. They challenge me to be the best that I can be & are also there to pick up the pieces when I fall short. I can't imagine how empty my life would be without their love & encouragement. 

Thanksgiving & Christmas are hands down my favorite holidays of the year and although I touched on 3 things I'm most thankful for, the list could go on & on. Every night I go to bed with a full stomach, in a warm bed, next to the man of my dreams (well this one for 14 days a month :)). I've been given an opportunity to work in the Gulf of Mexico on a huge, scary drilling rig for 14 days out of the month around some of the greatest, most accepting, kindest, give you the shirt of their back, take a bullet for you type of people. When I first came offshore, I would wake up everyday and think I'll never last here...then all of a sudden everything started clicking and I started feeling at home. It's not a traditional job...but let's face it who wants a traditional life? Jacob & I weren't raised with traditional lives so why would that change now? It's okay to be different & challenge "traditional." It's taken me a while to become okay with that but goodness how freeing it was when I stopped being ashamed that our lives weren't like 99% of people our age. 

Happy happy thanksgiving from the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, only 5 more days until I'm home, in the arms of the man I love, in front of a wonderful fire, listening to Christmas music with a big ole' glass of wine in my hands. 

Daydreaming of the bliss as I type :) 

Until next time, 

xoxo Amanda 


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