Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sun is shiningggg

Good afternoon everyone!

Today in Covington, Louisiana it is gloomy & cold and sometimes hard to find the sunshine. As the new year is underway it takes a special person to find the light in darkness. Jesus gives us hope that when everything is wrong, He is strong for us & gives us unconditional love. We had a wonderful bible study at church this Sunday where our hearts were opened to the idea of making a spiritual plan for growing in your faith. Mine is to start every single day with God. Meditate with Him, speak with Him, pray with Him so that every single day my face is turned toward the light of Christ and in the rays of His radiant sunshine. 

On another note, on February 9th we are running the amazing, wonderful, beautiful COLOR RUN! But since we live in New Orleans and it is Mardi Gras time, ours is actually the Mardi Gras color run using purple, green & yellow dyes! Over the moon to finally take part in this beautiful and joy filled (Happiest 5k on the planet) run! Below is the plan if you want to train along with me!

Today is the day for me to embrace the life I live and be jealous of none. I am surrounded by love both heavenly & earthly and that is riches worth more than gold. So start every day remembering how lucky you are and most importantly how loved you are. 

Until next time, 

xoxo Amanda 

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