Wednesday, June 24, 2015

26th Birthday Bucket List

It's been a while since I posted but I wanted to catch back up! But...last month I turned the big 2-6! Jacob & I started a tradition a few years ago of making each other "birthday year" bucket lists & while he is not a SUPER huge fan...I LOVE them! I think they are an awesome way of forcing you outside your comfort zone & also seeing the things your spouse thinks (knows) you are capable of!

So here is mine for my 26th year of life!

1. Create your own signature drink. 
2. Learn how to make espresso with frothed milk (in the Nespresso machine that he got me for my birthday!!)
3. Go tubing with hifi (Jacob) and knock him in the water!
4. Train for & run a half marathon to see what your body is capable of! - So this one has a little backstory...I'm notorious for signing up for these big, bad races and then just sort of winging it, not really fully training but more like 1/2 training then showing up on race day & hoping that adrenaline gets me through! Sometimes it works! Ha. I always finish but never with the time I am hoping for!
5. Volunteer at an animal shelter...but no adopting new fur babies! (He knows my heart so well!)
6. Get served breakfast in bed!
7. Write a letter to yourself in 5 years. 
8. Do 3 things that you'll never want to do after we have kids...1) I'm going to the Tone it Up Retreat in September! Not sure about 2 or 3 yet...
9. Make a spur of the moment road trip!
10. Walk more than 3 million steps tracking on my Fitbit (that I also got for my birthday!)
11. Get really good at making creme brulee!
12. Teach Jacob a skill, like the proper way to swim or how to make french toast. 
13. I'm going to leave this one for our eyes only!
14. Drive the tractor, move a bail of hay!
15. Shoot a hog!
16. Inspire one young person! Whether about Christ or school or work!
17. Blog more often! 
18. Finish Rosetta Stone Spanish!
19. Camp outside! In a tent! With hifi! (His phrases not mine!)
20. Spent a whole day watch Harry Potter marathon & making blanket forts in the living room. 
21. Let hifi teach you how to build something using all of his tools!
22. Learn to can something from Aunt Renee (his request was sweet jalapenos!)
23. Take a trip outside of Texas or Louisiana just me & my mom!
24. Give a compliment to a complete stranger. 
25. Read 5 books that you have never read before. 
26. Win a beer pong tournament! Or flip cup (my personal fave)

And most of all just enjoy every single day because we never get that day back! And don't stress about getting older because each day is just another day we get to love on each other!

This man 100% knows my heart.

I'm into month 1 of my 26th year & boy do I have some work to do!



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